Subproject 6


Subproject 6 (SP6) covers training on the results of the project RENEW, topics important for the implementation of the project, i.e. useful input to the project, and gender mainstreaming. The aim of SP6 related to the subjects 1 and 2 is to develop and implement a concept for a summer school and a web-based lecture course which: (a) address master thesis and PhD students, researchers, development engineers and decision makers as well as other interested persons and institutions; (b) cover brand-new research results on innovative bio-fuels; and (c) have a concept which favours gender mainstreaming.

Summer School

Comment Filename Date Size
Summary SP6 results Please click to download 2008-05-13 457 kb
B.A.U.M - Detailed concept for a summer school Please click to download 2007-09-04 487 kb