Subproject 1

Product optimisation of BTL production

Subproject 1 (SP1) covers research and innova-tion activities on the production of BTL (biomass to liquid) fuels primarily from lignocellulosic biomass through a combination of the proven Choren CARBO V® gasification process with Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis and subsequent refinery steps, with a focus on fuel quality and process optimisation. The Choren CARBO V® gasification process is a proven process able to produce directly a completely tar-free gas from biomass. SP1 comprises essentially research and development on the entire production process chain both at process chain level (optimum adjustment of the different process steps) and at component level (development of process parts and related hardware).
The objective is to develop an optimised BTL fuel and an accordingly adjusted production process for a range of different fuel specifications, fitting requirements of both marketable and future motors.

Technical assessmet of BtL pathways and fuels

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Summary SP1 results Please click to download 2008-05-28 636 kb