Project & Results

The six subprojects

The projects devides into six subprojects, four of which are dedicated to the optimisation, analysis of the fuel production process and production routes for biofuels from lignocellulosic feedstock.


A comparative assessment of the process routes performed by experts in Life Cycle Analysis will lead to suggestions for future pathways. Knowledge generated and results will be disseminated by special training activities.

Subproject 1
Product optimization of BTL production

SP1 focuses on the production, production development, analysis and test of BTL fuels from lignocellulosic biomass by the Choren CARBO V® gasification process with Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis and subsequent refinery steps.
Leader: UET, Partners: Certh, DC AG, ITN, REGIENOV, VW


Subproject 2
Process optimization of BTL production

SP2 concentrates its research activities on optimization of three gasification routes (autothermal fluidized bed, pressurized entrained flow gasification and circulating fluidized bed) and catalysts for Fischer Tropsch synthesis.
Leader: SYNCOM, Partners: BKG, Certh, EDF, FZK, ITN, RPT, TUV, VW, CUTEC


Subproject 3
Black liquor to DME/methanol

SP3 investigates the full technical and commercial impact of DME/methanol production from Black Liquor at a pulp mill located in Mörrum, Sweden. The engineering will both address technical plant features in syngas handling and conversion as well as fuel logistics, handling and trading for both DME and methanol.
Leader: Chemrec, Partners: Ecotraffic, Södra Cell, STFI, VTEC


Subproject 4
Optimization of Bioethanol production

SP4 focuses on research and development for the optimization of the thermochemical production pathways for ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass and the supply of data for the enzymatic pathway of ethanol production.
Leader: Abengoa, Partners: AICIA


Subproject 5
Biofuel Assessment

SP5 included the analysis of the biomass potential in Europe, the life cycle assessment from well to tank, technical and economic assessment of available production routes for BTL fuels from ligno-cellulosic biomass.
Leader: EEE, Partners: BP, CRES, DC AG, EC-BREC, EDF, ESU-services, IEE, LU, UCD, VTEC, VW, PSI, TOTAL


Subproject 6

SP6 will transfer results from the project, provide training by means of a summer school and web based training courses and implements a concept which favors gender mainstreaming.
Leader: Baum, Partners: Cutec, VW, ZSW