Assessment of fuel production from lignocellulosic biomass

Project start date:
1. January 2004

Project duration:
48 months

Project costs:
19,8 Million EURO

Volkswagen AG

The main mission is to prove different concepts of fuel production from biomass.


Production routes for BTL fuels will be demonstrated and the full supply chain will be assessed in terms of biomass potential, life cycle, costs and technological options.

Fuels will be produced and will be tested in order to demonstrate benefits of optimised fuels for advanced powertrains.

To provide the scientific and technological basis for the transition into a sustainable and environmentally friendly road- transport based on renewable fuels.

Project Targets

  • Fuel production by cheapest, most efficient energy chain
  • Production costs 70 cents / litre gasoline equivalent
  • 3.500 litre per ha and year
  • Premium fuel quality for environmental improvement
  • Benchmarking of different production processes
  • Development of Optimized Demonstration Project
  • Determination of best choice feedstock


12 month
Results of the first fuel tests with BTL have led to a fuel specification.

18 month
Unified methodologies for recent biomass feedstock and energy crops potentials shall be developed. Review of studies and regional experiences shall be reported.

24 month
Optimized Parameters for the process design for syngas production, FT-synthesis and fuel conditioning (hydrocracking, catalysts, and additives) are available.

36 month
Biomass provision chains for the different regions have been defined and the cost of the different biomass conversion technologies have been reported.

48 month
Commonly agreed strategic recommendations, based on an understanding among relevant players in industry, SME, agriculture, research, etc., concerning the technological and market potential of different fuels and their production technologies have been achieved.